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Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehab

Sea Turtle Inc. dose a lot for Sea Turtles and we like showing it to you, meet Allison streaming live!

South Padre Island

A resort vacation spot off the Gulf Coast of Texas offering a wide variety of sports recreation and relaxation. Now ranked as the one of the Top Beaches in the US by many national

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On South Padre Island you will find activities and ongoing events for all ages. learn the fine art of sand castle building, experience the first surfing lesson, or indulge in shopping for that special souvenir within the many stores. Beach adventures here on South Padre Island offer families, honeymooners,
Spring Breakers, and nature lovers to this area for their much needed beach getaway!

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Whether you are planning a romantic weekend getaway or the perfect family vacation,
South Padre Island has the events, lodging and activities for visitors of all ages.
Plan your visit today toward building memories that will last a lifetime in South Padre Island.

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Available for every taste and budget.Explore our restaurant listings and find nearby bar and grills or beachside dining.Live music is a big part of South Padre Island Entertainment District After dark,
enjoy the entertainment at clubs, lounges, bars and other nightlife in South Padre Island, TX.

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South Padre Island is paradise, and welcoming guests to our casual coastal community

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South Padre Fishing

Welcome to your live tour of South Padre Island,
our webcams are located strategically all over the island.


South Padre Live Surf WebcamLet me begin your tour with our Surf Webcam located in Isla Blanca Park, this is located on the South end of the island , use this webcam  to check out the surf conditions, overlook our wide sandy beaches, Brownsville ship channel and our view of Boca Chica beach (future home of SpaceX).  
You will see people spending the day with their umbrellas and chairs sitting on the beach enjoying the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Be sure and check out surf lessons (year-round activity) also taking place on our beaches you find people shelling, riding skim boards, riding the waves on boogie boards or just going for that  long romantic walk on the beach, building a Sandcastle and  kite boarders sailing past because we have the best wind year round for kite boarding and windsurfers. 
South Padre Live Webcam this is our Skycam
South Beach Webcam- it is  our sky webcam, with this webcam you can see our wide open beaches and the way the island curves back up to the North. You can also see the various businesses and condos located mid-Island, and a fabulous view of the Queen Isabella Causeway, sunrise or the sunsets through the bridge are some of the best. From this webcam you can also watch the parasailing, banana boat rides, and from time to time you'll see a beach wedding taking place. 
South Padre Live Bay WebcamOne of our favorite is the Bay Webcam, it is our premier and oldest location and we love watching the sunset through the Queen Isabella Bridge from this great Bay webcam. All day long you could watch the calm waters of the lower Laguna Madre Bay, watch the guided fishing trips head out, watch the sailboats move out towards snorkeling trips, the jet skis ride by, it's always fun to watch the people in the paddleboats. You can watch kite boarders sailing past, and windsurfers, and most mornings you can see people on standup paddle boards this always looks like fun.  At Louie's Backyard order something nice and cold to drink call the people who didn't come with you to South Padre Island and let them see what they're missing as they can control this webcam to a certain degree and you will be able to show them you're wearing shorts in the wintertime and having a great time watching the sunset over the Lower Laguna Madre Bay. 
Port Isabel Queen Isabel Causeway Webcam
Our Queen Isabella Bridge webcam, whatever morning favorite locations West sunrise over the island through the Queen Isabella Causeway this webcam will also keep you updated on traffic, we don't often have traffic jams but from time to time during special events this Causeway does have a tendency to get a little busy, a lot of us like to take a look so we know how to plan our day. 
South Padre Live Birding and Nature Center Webcam

Birding Center Webcam- South Padre Island is located in one of the most diverse migratory paths in the United States. This facility is a world class birding and nature Center. You can watch migratory birds land and spend time before they make their journey further South.  Year-round there are a number of birds that make South Padre Island their home like the brown pelicans, blue herrings, ospreys, Hawks of all types. From this view of the Laguna Madre Bay you will also see phenomenal sunsets, kite boarders and windsurfers, and people out wade fishing. The view of the flats from this birding Center webcam will enable you to watch a variety of activities taking place every day, you will see parachute jumpers land, from time to time you will see motorized kite boarders take off this requires a running start, and a number of people gather each year for beach and biker fest this webcam shows you all the activities taking place at the North end of the city limits. From this webcam you can also see beach fireworks, and a number of large party boats going past to get into position to watch the fireworks on Saturday nights. 

South Padre Live Sea Turtle Webcam

Sea Turtle Webcam's, yes we have more than one in here this is one of the top must do's when visiting South Padre Island. Sea turtle Inc. is a nonprofit sea turtle rescue and education facility. Sea turtle webcams are located in the ceiling above all the tank's, underwater with the sea turtles,
South Padre Live Construction Webcam
There's a webcam to watch the construction on the back. From this construction webcam you will also have a great view of South Padre Island's famous sunsets over the Laguna Madre Bay, watching kite boarders and windsurfers sports fishermen and a variety of other boats using the Laguna Madre waterway. This webcam will also show you the Saturday night beach fireworks but it's best to go in person. 
South Padre Live Underwater WebCam

To view this webcam image you must be a member of Sea Turtle Inc.
Please visit there website today and get start with full member benefits.
South Padre Live Turtle Tank Webcam
A special streaming webcam located on Allison's so everyone gets to see her swimming with the prosthesis, and of course as Sea Turtle Inc. We also use this webcam for hatching releases live for the beach. Let them know at Sea Turtle Inc. and they will let you know what day and time the hatching will be released. This is in the summer months.
South Padre Live North Beach WebcamThe North Beach Webcam-Travelodge-Adventure Park Webcam, this is one of our greenest webcams in our system of webcams, powered by wind generators and showing you the completely untouched North end of South Padre Island. Watch the horseback riders head out for a long ride along the beach, watch the ATVs have some fun playing in the dunes (ATV riding on private land only not on the beaches), you will also have a birds eye view of the newest attraction on South Padre Island zip lines. This webcam shows you from the beach sunrise on the webcam in the morning and come back after work to watch the sunset over the Laguna Madre Bay  all from this North end webcam. From this webcam you can see our new neighbors to the south, South Padre Island's first kite board ranch. We can also use this webcam for live streaming of any type of event at South Padre Island Adventure Park which can host beach bonfires, beach weddings, a family portrait setting on the beach, or just a day spent in the petting barn or letting the little ones take a pony ride, meet the Longhorns and all the other large animals that live with us South Padre Island adventure Park. 
South Padre Live Stage Webcam Tequila Sunset

Live streaming for Louie's Backyard,  and Tequila Sunset Stage Webcam, watch live music .
We do hope you enjoy your virtual live tour of South Padre Island as great is our webcam views are it's no substitution for actually getting here. Just remember we are where you want to be. So we will see you very soon.




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